Tuesday, May 5, 2009

#88 Hug Dad

Like the "hug mom" goal, "hug dad" was just as a big deal. And when not better than for his birthday? Okay, so his birthday was on April 10th... and my post is almost a month since, but I'm gonna place the blame on the ppl who took pictures, cuz I was waitin on them to post those pix so I could snag them for myself haha. And show you, all three readers of mine, my present to dad. Though, it should be a natural part of my life, to want to hug my parents, but like I explained in the "hug mom" entry, my family didn't grow up the most affectionate family out there...

Though, growing up, I was definately Daddy's Little Girl. And oh did I maniuplate and utilize that as much as one daughter who sees her father once a week can. And dad gave me lots of hugs when he was home, so I can't say that we were never a "huggin it out" family. But since then, puberty and independence happened, so there is a distance that has grown between us, but at the same time, a development of a different kind of mature bond. His worrying went from diaper changes and babysitters, to boys I date/finding me a rich husband and money I (need to, and am currently not able to) make haha. I remember whenever I wanted something though, like a new toy or, *ahem* in my teenage years, MONEY, haha, I would always say what he loved to hear: "Daddy daisuki!!" Which is "I love you, dad!" in Japanese. Sometimes I find myself looking back to those days, reflecting, missing, and cherishing the memory of the simplicity and easiness of bein Daddy's Little Girl... Now I'm Daddy's Little Helper at the restaurant (hahaha) but it's all good. It's all outta love.

So here's to you dad! Otanjyobi Omedetou! (Happy Birthday!)

Also, if you wanna see more pix from Na0-san's birthday at Shimura, check out, and become a fan of Shimura Restaurant on Facebook! **end shameless plug**

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