Thursday, May 7, 2009

#91 Post a Video on YouTube

Yes, I figured I'd get this outta the way... It ain't fantastic or anything fancy, but yeah... enjoy.

I was in a sentimental mood, so I dedicate this song to...You =)

Ernie Halter used to do this thing where he took requests from ppl and would record covers, but make them kinda into his own style... anywho, I thought maybe it'd be cool to do something like that, but then it's not a very original idea... so... if any of you have any ideas on types of videos to post that would highlight my music (NO, no nudity, porn, or anything scandelous).

One of these days, I will have made a music video for one of my own songs, and it will def be posted here =) But in the meantime: baby steps =)

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