Tuesday, March 24, 2009

#87 Hug Mom

Now, normally, this is something people don't have to think about doing, they just do it on an almost regular basis (given that they're in the same vicinity as their mom). But coming from a formal Asian family, there aren't many "I love you"'s being said, if that, any contact with each other whether it be a hand shake or a hug. I think the generation gap is especially a bit wider in my brother and my case from my parents because they are from Japan, and my brother and I grew up here, which makes us first generation American. So we grew up around friends with affectionate families, that shared their affections with us (i.e. hugs, kisses, being tucked in at sleep overs). Mind you, it always felt a lil weird for me, but for the most part, I figured it was what most American families do.

Quick story: I used to be friends with these triplets in which I would go and sleep over almost every weekend, back in grade school. And every time, their mother would come in and tuck us in, and give us a kiss on the forehead and then say "good night, don't let the bed bugs bite." Used to scare the bejeezus outta me, and I'd lay there awake for a while, waiting for a swarm of bugs to come nibble at me. For a while, I never asked anyone what that phrase really meant, cuz I had my pride and always acted like I knew what everything was. "I'm White. I know all White things" kinda attitude. Finally, I asked one of my triplet friends, and she kindly explained to me that it was just a saying, and to not take it literally. From then on, I slept fine at their place.

So all in all, this pic is something I will cherish, and I will be giving my mom more hugs in the future. She usually gets weirded out, and rolls her eyes at me, saying "you're so needy, don't touch me." But look how happy she looks in this pic! (despite I grabbed her and forced her to stand still to take a pic with me lol) Mom, you know you love it ;p Mommy love is like no other! Always give ur momma a hug - you'll never know when it'll be the last...

Monday, March 23, 2009

#48 Attend a Soccer Game

Back in December, I bought club seats for the opening home game of the LA Galaxy as a Christmas present for a friend. Almost thought we weren't gonna make the game, but we did, and it turned out to be pretty good game. Their opponent was DC United, and by half time, DC was up 1-0. In the 2nd half, Galaxy tied, then DC scored a beautiful 2nd shot. Then, in the 85th minute, Galaxy tied up the game, 2-2. Pretty exciting. I think Mirza bonded with the ol man next us over the Galaxy's performance in the 2nd half, hahaha.

And now that I've given my sporty spectator's review of the game, here's my ditzy girly review: first off, I noticed that the stadium isn't as big as when you watch the games on FSC. But then again, everything and everyone looks bigger on TV... But it was great being there in person. And I can see why it'd be a great venue to host concerts in the summer. Coldplay will be playing there, as well as Dave Matthews and I am bummed I will not be attending either. (I did get Coldplay tix at the Irvine Amphitheatre tho! yesss!! ahem, excuse me, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre...) Hopefully I will be attending more soccer events as well as concerts there in the future...

Next, I'd like to point out my observation that DC United has hotter players than Galaxy. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for me, Patterson and McTavish collided into each other at one point in the game, coming off the field for medical attention. Why that is a good thing for me: blood = taking off of the /jersey shirt. Prolly one of the highlights of the experience next to watching Galaxy score goals. But sorry Galaxy, you've downgraded in many aspects since Beckham ran off to play with Italy for a while. I've gotta say, I think soccer players are by far, the hottest type of athletes out there. Yes, I tend to have a thing for basketball players, but the height thing can be an issue sometimes given that I am vertically challenged with a 5'1" cap. So any of you soccer players, hollaaaaa! hahaha, jk ;p ... sort of...

On to the next goal to accomplish!

Friday, March 20, 2009

#24 Walk 10,000 steps in one day

I actaully accomplished this a while back, but had a hard time uploading the pic -

Anywho, the pic is boring, but if you look carefully, it'll say, 10, 115 on March 3rd. I suck at using my new phone for a camera - bare with me.

I never knew how not-so-easy it is to walk 10k steps in one day. Paulo Coelho and my mother do it, so I figured I just needed to go on a semi-long walk, and I was good. Noooo. That day, I ran with my friend, Ashelyn, for a good 5 or 6 miles, AND worked that evening. After that experience, I think I'm good with the usual 3k steps-a-day goal... haha!

More interestin posts to come... hopefully...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

#17 Buy a Sofa

So the day finally came! And it came early! Originally I wasn't supposed to get my sofa that I ordered til the end of this month, but I was lucky =)

I miscalculated tho, the dimensions, so it's a bit big for what I'm used to, but I. LOVE. IT! And the boys seems to really like it, so it's all good... Seems, though, and this has struck quite the "rearranging" bug in me, and so a lot of changes to the apt is hopefully to come... Thinkin of transforming the dining area into a work space... never used the dining table, so I figured, why not just sell it or give it away and move my ever growing work space??? This will take a while to set up, but I'm looking forward to it...

Is it sad that I'm so "Monica Gellar" about all this organizing??? Lateral file cabinets in mocha cherry with color coordinated file folders here we come!!! Oooh! Ima go to Target and get me some expandable file folders for my bigger files... NOT the ones where u stick a piece of cardboard to expand, but the expandable POCKET kind! ... k ima stop before I get outta control here =p I think only Elina gets me on this one... even then I dont' think she completely shares my "passion" for organization... haha

Once I get this place in order, ima have a BBQ - so come on ova!