Monday, February 23, 2009

#95.Take care of cell phone ticket...

So... ya, a few hundred dollas later, I'm free of charges on my driver's license. Not sure about my record tho...

Nevermind the fact that for a very brief period, my driver's license was being "suspended" and there apparently was a crisp new "warrent" out with my name on it... over a stupid (*cough*overdue*cough*) "talking on a cell phone while driving" ticket, in which was bestowed upon me 4 houses down from Ari's house... I"m not going to go into detail on all the traveling and puppy-dog-eying I had to pull off today, and the amont of money I had to shell out - I'm just happy that I got out of the max penalty costs and walked away with no community service and just a "There's reason this law was passed miss, hand off ur phone to someone next time" mini lecture... Phew!

A lesson learned: Don't talk for more than 10 seconds - an ocifer of the law might see you! or... remember to wear my ear piece... which I would if I'd just remember to charge it... geez

Friday, February 20, 2009

101 Goals in 1001 Days

Okay Martin, you can put 1 for 5 for one of your goals.

Over dinner with Martin and Ari one night, Martin was telling me of this "101 goals in 1001 days" thing, and I thought it was pretty interesting. And motivating. And I need a boost for my motivation to get goin, cuz lately I've been a-slackin...

This would officially be #1"Make the List" because by golly it was quite a task just to create the list! Yes, Martin, I did copy-cat you on this one. The list started out with big goals, full of meaning, and not easily achieved. Then as I got to number twenty something, I realized that I would be lucky if I even got to 50. So I've mixed it up a bit, with the big goals and little goals, and have compiled what I have below. I look forward going on this "journey of many journeys" with you guys... all two of you as of today... maybe that number will change eventually. We shall see...

1. Make THE list
2. Release a single on itunes
3. Get a website up
4. Stay single for @ least 6 months (lookin forward to this one actually)
5. Watch a movie by myself (in a theater)
6.Pay off debt to parents
7. Pay off Credit card debts
8. Visit family in Japan
9. Transfer to University
10. Go eat @ Nobu in LA
11. Keep a 3-times-a-week work out regimen for @ least 3 months
12. Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium
13. Adopt a dog
14. Read "The Secret"
15. Take up a self-defense class
16. Take a philosophy class
17. Buy a sofa
18. Set up my own recording equip
19. volunteer @ a charity
20. Collaborate w/ a rapper & release
21. Perform an entire dance routine
22. Shoot a music video
23. Eat a balanced breakfast everyday for a month
24. WAlk 10,000 steps in one day
25. Go VIP @ a club =p
26. Attend the NAMM show
27. Take a snap shot w/ Jason Mraz
28. Grow my own little garden
29. Get Negra a cat tree
30. Collaborate w/ a male model in a photoshoot
31. Travel to Europe
32. Eat @ Crepe's A-Go-Go
33. Produce my own song
34. Become a Big Sister
35. Attend a U2 concert
36. Get a massage (never got one before!)
37. Learn to tango & perform a routine
38. Go to a spa (never been 2 one)
39. Attend SXSW
40. Go to New York City!
41. Go on an actual "date" (whatever that really means)
42. Sing a song w/ Ernie Halter
43. Go an entire day without apologizing
44. Sing karaoke in Tokyo
45. Go to Bosnia/attend Mirza's Wedding
46. See the Mayan ruins in Mexico
47. Sing the National Anthem at a professional sport game
48. Attend a soccer game
49. Go on a trip to the Caribbean
50. Perform a live show
51. Watch the sun come up, from a mountain view
52. Write an up-beat track
53. Join MTAC
54. Get swept off my feet on a dance floor
Belt out "You Make Me Feel" in the shower
56. Have a picnic on the hood of a car
57. Snowboard down a slope with no help
58. Go back packing in Asia
59. Record a Latin-influenced track
60. Collaborate with another singer
61. Be able to do the splits
62. Attend either a Lakers or Celtics game
63. Go to Lake Tahoe
64. Kiss in the rain
65. Go to Hawaii
66. Walk the entire Freedom Trail in Boston
67. Invest in a digital piano
68. Set up my Quickbooks
69. Go to the beach
70. Go fishing with dad
71. Go see a show hosted by Conan O' Brien
72. Wear a skirt out
73. Crochet/knit a blanket
74. Release an album
75. Do a pin-up photoshoot
76. Bust of in my undies in my bedroom w/ a hairbrush for a mic
77. Visit with Michaela
78. Build a Jenny-sized Snowman =)
79. Go to the shooting range with Kurisu
80. Go visit my peeps in San Fran
81. Grow my hair out
82. Go outdoor rock climbing
83. Read every Paulo Coelho Bok
84. read a Kazuo Ishiguro book
85. Give copies of the Alchemist to my piano students
86. Quit the restaurant
87. Hug mom
88. Hug dad
89. Go out to visit cousin Tina
Go to Disneyland
91. Post a video on
92. Drink a soda out of a can while walking
93. Get medical insurance
94. Get straight A's one semester
95. Take care of cell phone ticket...
96. Get a Tivo
97. Get a karaoke game =p
98. Survive one walk with mom
99. Attend a Sara Bareilles show
100. Go to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego
Go an entire day with no cell phone

That last one may be toughie.... =)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lemme Introduce Myself...

I used to have a diary. Actually, let me rephrase that. I used to write in a diary. It had a name: Charlie. I figured if it had a name, it would feel less "lame" that I was writing in a diary, and that if someone were to one day, come across my immature and pointless entries that all teenagers and young adults brood about, that they would feel more like I was telling them a story, rather than just writing words in a book... But as I share this bit of information that I haven't really shared before with anyone, I sound like an even MORE lame person for naming my diary.

So yes, I am a bit behind on the times - Even to this day, I still don't know or don't get what a "widget" is...

But lately I've been discovering many fantastic people out there that I have never met in my life that are flat-out interesting to read about. Like a reality show that you read. And because I am reading, and not "watching" on television, I some what must have this justification in the back of my mind that this is "above" watching those trashy reality shows...

--> Because reading requires more brain power than watching...

--> More brain power means it must be more intellectual...

--> Therefore reading blogs about other peoples lives is above actually watching other peoples lives...


...just a taste of my "logic."

Either way, I have my few cents that I tend to wanna add to this web crazed community - so read away if you like - tho I can't guarantee you that my life or my opinions will be as interesting as some others... ;)

If anything, you're getting to know me... one blog post at a time.

Oh, and in case you're curious as to why I "used" to write in a diary and currently don't "write" in one is because of a crazy boy whom I dated once, long ago, that knew of no boundaries (read it, cited it, then analyzed it ALOUD to me)... surely stories about him will eventually surface in a blog post or two... I have many...