Monday, February 23, 2009

#95.Take care of cell phone ticket...

So... ya, a few hundred dollas later, I'm free of charges on my driver's license. Not sure about my record tho...

Nevermind the fact that for a very brief period, my driver's license was being "suspended" and there apparently was a crisp new "warrent" out with my name on it... over a stupid (*cough*overdue*cough*) "talking on a cell phone while driving" ticket, in which was bestowed upon me 4 houses down from Ari's house... I"m not going to go into detail on all the traveling and puppy-dog-eying I had to pull off today, and the amont of money I had to shell out - I'm just happy that I got out of the max penalty costs and walked away with no community service and just a "There's reason this law was passed miss, hand off ur phone to someone next time" mini lecture... Phew!

A lesson learned: Don't talk for more than 10 seconds - an ocifer of the law might see you! or... remember to wear my ear piece... which I would if I'd just remember to charge it... geez

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