Saturday, March 7, 2009

#17 Buy a Sofa

So the day finally came! And it came early! Originally I wasn't supposed to get my sofa that I ordered til the end of this month, but I was lucky =)

I miscalculated tho, the dimensions, so it's a bit big for what I'm used to, but I. LOVE. IT! And the boys seems to really like it, so it's all good... Seems, though, and this has struck quite the "rearranging" bug in me, and so a lot of changes to the apt is hopefully to come... Thinkin of transforming the dining area into a work space... never used the dining table, so I figured, why not just sell it or give it away and move my ever growing work space??? This will take a while to set up, but I'm looking forward to it...

Is it sad that I'm so "Monica Gellar" about all this organizing??? Lateral file cabinets in mocha cherry with color coordinated file folders here we come!!! Oooh! Ima go to Target and get me some expandable file folders for my bigger files... NOT the ones where u stick a piece of cardboard to expand, but the expandable POCKET kind! ... k ima stop before I get outta control here =p I think only Elina gets me on this one... even then I dont' think she completely shares my "passion" for organization... haha

Once I get this place in order, ima have a BBQ - so come on ova!


  1. My ass has a hard time leaving it every time I have to get up to leave or get up... causing me to weigh all my options out everytime I need to get up lol