Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Haven't Been Slackin!

Sooo... it's been a while since I updated this thing... I have been workin on my goals, slowly...haha! So here we go!

In chronological order:

#14 Read the Secret:

Originally, I had heard of this book because there was such a hype about it. But never did I really know what it was about until I had to do one of my final assignments for a business class I took a couple semesters ago. The concept of the Secret is quite simple: the laws of attraction: If you put your mind to it, you can be and do anything you truly desire. And it is that simple. However, it is not simple to achieve. I cannot say that I have experienced this to the fullest, but in some aspects of my life, I understand what this book is talking about. They market it as if it’s really simple, but if you broaden your mind, you’ll undersand. The laws of attraction is an amazing thing. For the longest time in high school, I had low self-esteem. I was the friend the guy would have to get thru or get friendly with (in a non-attractive/non-sexual way) to get to the pretty girl. And I spent a lot of time wishing that I was as pretty as my friend – that I could attract people like my pretty friends did. Then, after the however long being in the one man pity party, I got tired of it, and decided to just BE the type of person I truly wanted to be: grounded, nice, classy, smiley, confident, and love myself for who I am and make the most of who I can be. I’ve done photoshoots, finally released a couple original songs, performed a live show with my own songs – things I thought back in high school I could never achieve. And thru this, I learned that the world is attracted to confidence. Of course, I have plenty of insecurities that haunt me (I’m a vertically challenged Asian that likes to knit and can’t dance if her life depended on it… oh there’s plenty more!), but being truly happy with yourself is what keeps me motivated and happy. No one wants to be around someone who busies him or herself with comparing themselves to other people, or wishing for things other people have, or occupying themselves with wanting things they don’t have. Obtaining the things you want – success, love, money – they don’t come easy. But if you stay motivated and focused, and dedicated, where there is a will, there is a way.

#11. Keep a 3-times-a-week work out regime for at least 3 months

So this is how I pulled this off : tues/thurs work out in my apt comlex rec center, and then my weekly dance class… thought of posting a vid to prove my dancing, but decided I wanna polish that up first before posting a first impression haha! Only ONE person has seen this video, and that person laughed out loud. And kept laughing til the next day hahahaha. I’m getting there! On the other hand, can’t say that I have been keeping up this routine, but I do go the gym once a week and do attend my dance class… so went from 3 to 2. No biggie, right?

#93 Get Medical Insurance

OKAY. I’ve learned that since this “recession” medical insurers have taken advantage of the people out there that have been losing jobs as well as acquiring health problems due to the stress it has caused us. But I got it. Oh, but it was no easy-breezy task. I’ve come to the conclusion that the U.S. medical insurance, or more, any kind of insurance system is EFFED UP. First, it takes an entire MONTH to get approved. And for that month, they say that you are covered, and that you can go to the doc and then get reimbursed, but that is IF YOU GET APPROVED. So the first month is like a gamble. Oh, and before you find out you’re approved, they take your money. Oh, and after they approved me, they upped my premium because I MIGHT need an inhaler because I had record that I used to have asthma. Fanfreakintastic. THEN, I go to the pharmacy (after I got approved, of course) to find out that my prescription is not covered because the insurance company is still UPDATING my file √† two months after I’ve been approved. So after 4 calls back and forth from the pharmacy and the insurance company, I gave up. Then the next month, hoping that there would be no problem, I go and fill a prescription. AGAIN, they’re STILL updating my file. Luckily, the person who helped me kept calling the insurance company for me, and straightened things out. Got my reimbursement, I’m happy now. We’ll see how happy I am next month. Oh, and it turned out that whoever entered my info, entered it wrong – shit, I need a job, hire me to type in people’s info correctly! So ya… happy that’s all situated now.

#72 Wear a Skirt Out

If you know me, I don’t like wearing skirts out. But hey, since I’ve been working out, why not show it off a lil? Still won’t see me wearing these too often tho – too breezy haha!

#4 Stay Single for at least 6 months

Don’t like to talk about my personal life, though there really isn’t much to share at the moment. But yeah – status is still “single” and still working on getting my feet back on the ground nice and sturdy. Amazing how much you learn about yourself after being in a long relationship where you thought there was certainty. One of the many things I’ve learned is that there never is certainty – but that that you just need to make sure, whether you’re alone or you have that significant other, that you are sure of who you are and where you want your path in life to take you – you are your own leader. Not to sound clich√©, but there’s no other way than to live each day to the fullest!

#50 Perform a Live Show

Finally! I had a great opportunity, thanks to Beatsmith and his crew Uneak and Kris Beach, that I got to perform my first show ever with my own songs. Given it was only two, but this is just the first step to hopefully more to come! I was a bit n

ervous – more from excitement than being scared. But I’ll never forget the feeling I felt being up on a stage with a mic and doing what I’ve always dreamed of. Ain’t no Staples Center, but the fact that I’m a step closer to a bigger dream, there is still a part of me that feels complete. =) I can’t thank enough all the wonderful peeps that came out on a Wednesday night to Long Beach to support me!!!!! I feel so loved!

#79 Go to a Shooting Range with Kurisu

So this is kind of an adjustment. Instead of going with my brother (Kurisu) my friend Tammi took me to the HB firing range

and showed me how load, cradle, and fire a 22. Oh the feeling of empowerment! I don’t think I did too bad on my fir

st try. The guys next to u

s let us fire off a round from their 45 and I hit the bullseye! Good to know my coordination is still in tact somewhat! Haha! Very fun!=)

Ps: The pic where I'm looking that the cam, I was posing - NOT firing! lol


  1. Good job, Jenny! I like the skirt picture.

    And the gun picture.

  2. You look good Jenny! I like the post. I'm not sure about the insurance thing though. I think that it can backfire on some that say that need it just in case. Just in case what? Wow, no telling what's in their subconscious to stir some things up!