Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oooh Some Much Needed Updating...

As if anyone (besides Martin and Ari) are keeping track and following my quest to accomplish 101 goals... haha

But alas, it has been a while, and since my boss is out of town for 2 weeks and I have no work, I have no excuse as to the time it takes to write a quick update. So lemme just plow thru this:

#35 Attend a Coldplay Concert
Originally, goal #35 was supposed to be to go see a U2 concert, however, I missed that one, and decided to hop on to another opportunity that won't be coming back around for another 4 or so years: Coldplay. I've always heard such enthusiasm about Coldplay's concert, and I gotta say - I agree. Probably one of the best concerts I have been to thus far. What makes a show a "really good show" is not just the stage choreography, but the ENERGY that the musicians give off when they perform. I've been to several shows, and it's not as great of an experience when the band is just there at that venue to play - as if you're just another city they're rollin thru. Not only were these guys excellent musicians (the drummer impressed me tho most w/ this simultaneous drumming and singing, and then later on, bustin out the acoustic guitar) but they played the entire show as if it were THE show of their lifetime (pretty much). And they definately prove their musicianship with their acoustic sets (which were, by the way, among the audience so that the back row ppl get a closer experience) and improv skills. I paid a good $100 or so per ticket, and it was well worth it!!! If you ever get a chance to go see these guys, go - you won't be disappointed. (I sound like I'm writing a Yelp review hahaha)

#38 Go to a Spa + #101 Go a Day w/ No Cell Phone + #43 Go a Day w/o Apologizing

Yes, believe it or not, I have never been to a spa before. (I knew there was a reason why I got "0%" on that "how girly are you?" Facebook quiz... jk) But thanks to Ari, for my birthday, she took me to the Glen Ivy day spa. It was sooooo nice and relaxing... at first I was a bit antsy, cuz I'm so used to being on the go go go - but after a few dips in the floaty (floating?) pool, and the mud bath cave thingie, I was a lazy daisy haha. It was a great recovery day, because it was the day after July 4th weekend (no need to elaborate on that weekend). Coincidentally, I'd forgotten my cell phone that day - probably where the antsiness at the first half of the day came from, which is how I accomplished goal #101, and was therefore also able to accomplish #43 cuz there was no one calling me to yell at me where I would have to apologize. That's right, I had to unknowingly go into accomplishing that no-cell-phone goal (which helped lead to accomplishing #43 as well) by accident or else it prolly would have never happend. All in all, it was a great day of quietness and relaxation that was much needed - thank you Ari!!

#41 Go on an Actual Date

I don't know what I was thinking when I listed this goal. I think I was PMS-ing and this goal was a result of some hormonal inbalance. I mean, who knows what an "actual date" is? It is definately one of those things where there is a different answer with each person because it's all in the perspective. I'm gonna say I've done this one, because a "date" is an outing or just time spent w/ someone you really want to be with. Whether it be an at home dinner and some tv show watching, or going out to a nice dinner. Either way, this has been accomplished since building my list of goals, so checking this one off.... on to the next!

#54. Get Swept Off My Feet on the Dance Floor

Again, I don't know what I was thinking when I listed this one as well. But funny enough, this has been accomplished - literally was "swept" off the floor on the dance floor. NOt exactly the funnest or "romantic" experience ever - I was drunk, and so was the guy who decided to pull me away from Annie and Jacob on the dance floor (my lovely outing peeps) and grab by the waist and swoop me up, and then bring me down to dip me.... as if I needed to get any more dizzier than I was already feeling. It was a bit much - and he kept wanting to pick me up and lift me up, but Annie managed to come to my rescue and wiggle her way in between tosses hahaha. I owe you one, Annie... or two or like, seven :p Jake's been to my rescue a couple times as well... I can take care of myself, really, I can... Moving on!

#66. Walk Freedom Trail in Boston

o we didn't have time to walk the whole thing... but I have proof that we walked part of it!!! haha

#69 Go to the Beach

While Mike was in town, I actually had the chance to go to the beach a few times this summer. A lot had to do with him having bought a house by the beach - yea that was an incentive. But nonetheless, I miss our beachy days... twas fun while it lasted!!

#77. Visit with Michaela
Michaela and I go a ways back... maybe about 10 years?? She was my buddy in HS when we were in Jazz band class together and were bored outta our minds. And I'm thankful we still stay in touch. We finally got together and caught up, and my lil miss Chaela is gettin married! Very very exciting news!! =)
#86. Quit the Restaurant
Yes folks, it has actually happend. Not entirely outta the biz yet, I still work with many of the vendors, however, if you go, there will be about a 1 in 30 chance I will be working as a waitress. Congratulations to Annie for stepping up and taking over most of my responsibilities. This goal has been long over due for me. I've dedicated 12 years of my young adult life to this place, and I've learned a lot of valueable things about the restaurant industry, as well as the mechanics on how to run a small business. Now, I am able to leave with the peace at mind that dad's in good hands, and I can spend some time pursuing what I've been keeping on hold for so long! I haven't completely severed the ties - I don't think I could do that to daddy, but I figured this was a good time to move on... it's been good Shimura!
Alright, I have a few more to update, but I'm exhausted... so until next update (hopefully it won't be another 4 months... haha) here are a few modifications to my list that I've made:
#13. Adopt a Shiba Inu -> Adopt a Dog... I've realized that as long as I live alone, I won't be able to do this... I am in talks w/ Annie and Jacob in becoming roommates, and it's been mentioned that adopting a dog would be nice... i"ll keep you updated...
#27. Take a snap shot with Jason Mraz --> Take a Snap shot with someone famous.... figured I should broaden my options for obtainability
#42. Sing with Ernie Halter --> Sing with a Live Band... again, broadening my horizons.. this shall be accomplished very soon as my first gig is tomorrow!!!
#58. Go backpacking in Asia--> Go on a hikin trip.... again, obtainability
#61. Be able to do the Splits--> Yeah, I've tried for 4 months, and my legs jus don't wanna stretch that way hahaha. so this is being modified to: Be able to play Rustle of Spring on the piano again - because it ws probably the most difficult piece I played back when I was still training, and I've become rusty again. And I loved that piece... so here's to the challenge! (it's almost like one of those "I want to be a size 2 again!" goals)

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